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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

How can I use color-changing LEDs?

Color-changing LEDs have a wide range of practical, decorative, and artistic applications, but they always require a color controller that connects between the power source and the color-changing lighting. For homeowners, RGB LED lights are often used as accents for pieces of art by setting them to one single color. Retailers, restaurants, bars, and hotels also use them to add to the ambiance of the setting or draw attention to a specific element. They work very well under bars and along shelves in restaurants and clubs because they deliver functional lighting and help maintain the mood of the venue.

Color-changing LEDs can be put to use with a range of different color controllers to create patterned light shows and fade effects, all of which are great for events and parties.

For more conventional lighting, you may prefer one of our white LEDs instead of colored LED light. When you want your lighting to be attention grabbing, exciting, and have a powerful visual impact, color-changing LEDs are very effective.