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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

Which color should I choose: warm white or neutral white?

Warm white LEDs have a slight yellow hue, making the light they produce warmer in color. It is the closest color match to soft white incandescent lighting, and is the most popular option for all types of indoor lighting. However, at a given wattage, warm white LEDs have a slightly lower lumen output and won’t be quite as bright as an LED fixture with neutral white LEDs, nor as bright as the previous incandescent lighting. But most consumers say they don’t notice the difference.

Neutral white LEDs are most often used against cool color schemes, like kitchens that contain a lot of stainless steel. It is closer to natural light and so is often used on the outside of buildings. This lighting is also very pretty when used for wintery decorations, and is also common in functional lighting such as car headlights and head lamps for campers. Some say neutral white LED fixtures tend to flatten color contrasts, so they are less desirable when art is showcased.