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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

Can I replace a standard 60W bulb with LED lights?

Yes, you can buy 60W replacement LED light bulbs, but first you need to figure out what type of light fixture you have. If it requires a standard E26 or E27 screw-in bulb, the 9W Tess LED Light Bulb is an excellent replacement for 60W incandescent lighting. There are also several other similar LED bulbs on the market. If you are looking for a track light bulb, a recessed down light bulb, a candelabra bulb or another type of LED light bulb, most likely you will have a few options to achieve the same lighting effect with LED efficiency. Many LED retailers sell replacements for all common household lighting fixtures. See our Light Bulb category for the replacement LED bulbs we carry.

If you find that an LED replacement is not yet available for your specific fixture, you have the option of replacing your current setup with a different one that takes full advantage of the new capabilities of LED lighting, like the flexibility of LED strip lights. Or, you can wait until an LED replacement bulb has been developed for your fixture. And since LED technology is developing rapidly, that could be very soon.