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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

Do LEDs work with dimmer switches?

Many LED lights are waterproof or water resistant, making them ideal sources for interior and exterior lighting of water intensive areas.

88 Light offers both water resistant and waterproof LED lights. While not to be used in or around chlorinated or salt water, waterproof LEDs are fully submersible in untreated water. Since waterproof LED lighting is available in a wide array of configurations, it is an excellent way to introduce energy efficient and cost conscious lighting into residential and commercial areas.

Our Waterproof flexible LED strip lights are designed for high traffic areas and rugged conditions in your home or business. On boats and yachts, flexible strip lights provide subtle onboard lighting of deck, kitchen, and sleeping areas. These fully submersible LED lights are also perfect for illuminating aquariums and fountains. Whether in your home kitchen or at a busy bar, LED light strips can provide under cabinet and counter lighting while withstanding constant exposure to wet areas like sinks and beverage tapping dispensers. Since there are no UV emissions that can degrade consumables or artwork, our waterproof LED strip lights are also perfect for residential and commercial wine cellars.

With their color changing capabilities, RGB LED wall washers, light bars and strip lights are an excellent way to add ambience to a party or event, whether it is indoors or out. They are compact, waterproof LED lighting instruments that can add dynamic coloring to gardens, patios, recreational rooms, or restaurants. Just as energy efficient as our LED light bulbs, they supply over 50,000 hours of light while not generating heat, which makes for a more comfortable environment, particularly when it comes to interior areas such as clubs or living rooms. Best of all you do not need to worry about spilled drinks, weather damaging your equipment or creating a safety hazard.

Oftentimes, new technology is not designed to resist the demands of rigorous use in a busy environment. As with all of 88Ligth's products, our LED waterproof and water resistant lights are constructed with durability and versatility in mind. Because of LED lighting’s environmentally friendly and high-performance features, waterproof LED lights are an optimal choice for your lighting needs.