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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

Can LED lights be used outdoors?

Just as LED lights provide energy-efficient, attractive indoor lighting, there are several LED outdoor lighting solutions that perform in the harshest weather.

As the seasons change, your exterior lighting fixtures need to withstand the elements, including rain, snow, and sleet. During the darker days of the year, outdoor lighting becomes particularly important as the hours of daylight decrease and inclement weather reduces visibility. That is why we offer several different LED lights, which are suitable for both indoors and out. Most of our lights are water-resistant and many are waterproof. They can withstand harsh weather conditions throughout the year and are available in a variety of configurations. Because of this durability and versatility, LED outdoor lighting is the perfect solution for illuminating your walkways, yards, patios, and porches.

Our waterproof strip lights are optimal sources of LED landscape lighting. Sold by the foot, LED flexible strip lights provide bright, seamless light to your home’s exterior. During the holiday seasons, many people use LED lighting to create a festive environment. Whether you choose inviting, warm white light or dynamic RGB color lights, their low energy consumption not only translates into significant energy bill savings, but also eliminates electrical shock and fire hazards. With outdoor LED lighting, you can decorate your home and enjoy your efforts without worrying about weather or safety.

This is important during the warmer months, too, when we entertain outdoors and our flowers and bushes tend to be drier. LED garden lights supply the outdoor lighting you need to greenhouses, gardens, and fountain areas without requiring much power and not emitting much heat. Because they are waterproof, you do not need to worry about sprinklers, hoses, and splashes of water damaging your lights or creating a safety hazard. With LED landscape lighting, you can fulfill your outdoor lighting needs in an environmentally friendly way, while also providing peace of mind that the safety of your property and guests is assured.

Whether you want to add visual interest by using the color changing capabilities of our RGB flexible strip lights, or highlight the architectural and landscaping features with a multi-color RGB wall washer, LED outdoor lighting can creatively enhance the exterior of your home or business. Because they are weather-resistant, low maintenance, and have a long performance life, LEDs are an ideal, economical, and ecological choice for your outdoor lighting needs.