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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

Are LEDs as bright as other lights?

Comparing the brightness of LED lights such as our popular LED strip lights and incandescent lighting is difficult because they consume such different amounts of electricity. An “efficient” soft white, 60W incandescent light bulb produces around 850 lumens. A comparable 60W-equivalent LED bulb that consumes 9 watts of electricity produces roughly 700 lumens. So although it produces about 15 percent less light, the LED alternative produces 5.5 times as many lumens per watt. As another example, LED strip lights consume up to 3 watts per foot of lighting and produce up to 156 lumens per foot – so six feet would produce over 900 lumens at a consumption of under 18 watts, still four times as efficient as the incandescents.

So for a given amount of electricity consumed, LED lighting is far brighter, but for a given fixture or bulb, LEDs have not quite caught up with the luminosity of incandescent bulbs. However, many may find the slight decrease in brightness unnoticeable, and technical advances are constantly improving the brightness of LEDs.