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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

How do LEDs compare to CFL bulbs?

LED lights and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are the two most popular energy-efficient lighting options. However, the similarities end there. LED light strips are easy to install, are durable and long lasting, generate little heat, and contain no hazardous substances of any kind. CFLs, on the other hand, may require specialty fixtures, are easy to break, have a lifespan about one-fifth that of LEDs, produce a decent amount of heat, and contain dangerous mercury gas that is released when they break. They are also less convenient and comfortable to use because they often take a while to “warm up” and reach full brightness and often flicker and hum. Additionally, every cycle of turning a CFL on and off decreases the bulb’s lifespan. These differences mean that for a slightly higher price, LEDs provide better safety, increased savings, greater comfort, and better environmental friendliness.

Some LED lights and CFLs available at major hardware retailers have comparable energy efficiency, while in most cases LEDs are noticeably more energy-efficient. Of course, the other advantage of LED lights is that because most of them use fewer watts than CFLs and are not bulbs, they are also more versatile and flexible, and can be used with a battery or other portable energy source more easily.