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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

Do LED lights meet pending government light efficiency regulations?

The short answer is that 99 percent of LED lights are already in compliance with the most aggressive efficiency standards in the country.

Several states such as California and New Jersey enacted legislation in 2007 and 2008 requiring that all lights produces a minimum of 25 lumens per watt by 2013. The federal Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 set the goal that by 2014, all general-purpose light bulbs be 30 percent more efficient, and established the target of a minimum of 45 lumens per watt for most lights by 2020. Current LED bulbs and fixtures such as LED strip lighting produce about 50 lumens per watt. Others are approaching 100 lumens per watt. There are only a few models that don’t meet the 2020 requirements.

Even in the next three years, by the time the first set of regulations comes into full force, LED efficiency will have improved significantly. LED technology is developing rapidly, and is increasingly gaining consumer attention in the United States and other major energy-consuming countries.