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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

What components do I need to install my LEDs?

In most cases our customers need to purchase connectors and a power driver or adapter to install LED lighting and ensure it functions properly. Take LED light strips for example. These run on 12V DC electricity, as do most of our LEDs. The electrical current in your home in the United States is most likely 120V AC, which would ruin LEDs if not passed through the appropriate driver or adapter.

If you are going to hardwire the LED light strips, you will need a 12V DC driver as well as enough solders, extensions and connectors for however many light strips you will be installing. An electrician may need to install these components for you.

LED wall adapters offer another, more flexible solution. They also regulate current effectively, and plug into any electrical outlet. This component makes installation of a more temporary solution very easy and addresses the voltage and current changes necessary to protect the life of your LEDs. If you want any extra functions like color-changing control or dimming, those often require their own controllers. Call our knowledgeable staff for expert advice about any of these specific installations if you have questions.

LED replacement light bulbs, on the other hand, which screw into standard settings, do not need any power converters or connectors. These are stand-alone light fixtures that are ready to use in your current system.