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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

When is the best time to upgrade under cabinet lights to LEDs?

Remodeling, especially in the kitchen, is an ideal opportunity to upgrade basic components of a room to make it less expensive to light and more environmentally friendly, on top of improving comfort and aesthetics. Installing under cabinet lights that use LEDs is a very efficient way to accomplish all these goals. Although LEDs don’t require special fixtures or rewiring a room, they can be hardwired into the electrical system, and a remodel is an easy time to set this up and plan ahead to be sure that the LEDs will work in the most desirable location. Also, because LEDs produce more light with less wattage, a plan to remodel using them may make it possible to change the lighting scheme and locations of lights while still facilitating a significant decrease in electricity and replacement.

One of the drawbacks of installing LED under cabinet lights is that LEDs tend to cost more per unit than their CFL or incandescent counterparts, which can be difficult when added to significant remodel costs. But overall they are far less expensive per lumen of light produced, as well as safer and more environmentally friendly. So, a little extra upfront cost will easily be recouped in energy savings over the next few years.