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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

When do LED lights die?

Used normally, LED fixtures and lights are rated to last 50,000 hours. That’s slightly less than four years of continual, 24-hours a day use, over 17 years at eight hours a day, and over 45 years at three hours a day. The brightness will begin to fade over time, but not by a noticeable amount at first. The impact of this deterioration often takes more than 40,000 hours to be felt by the users, which is still roughly 15 years of use at 8 hours a day.

When LED fixtures are not installed or maintained properly, they will deteriorate faster. LEDs function using 12V DC electricity, and failing to use the proper converters, adapters, or drivers will result in too much electricity being delivered to the LEDs, which shortens their lifespan. Similarly, LEDs exposed to excess heat, such as directly above a stove in a kitchen, can suffer because of that exposure and experience a more rapid deterioration in output than normal. Barring these two types of misuse, which can be avoided by following the simple installation advice of our expert team, your LED lights should last a very long time before they fade out.