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Frequently asked questions about LED Lights

Can LEDs be dimmed?

Originally LED lights could not be dimmed and wouldn’t work with standard dimmer switches. However, now many types of LED lighting including white and RGB strip lights come in dimmable models that can be dimmed in two main ways: with LED dimmer switches, or using dimmable LED drivers and standard dimmer switches. These two options offer smooth, seamless dimming from 0% to 100% brightness, and mean that anyone can install conventional dimmable LEDs or even dimmable color-changing LEDs anywhere that they want LED lighting and the option to dim it.

One of the benefits of dimmable LEDs and LED dimmers is that they use a different dimming technology than most traditional dimmers, and they interact with LED technology itself in such a way that dimming LEDs has absolutely no adverse impact on the life of the lights. On the other hand, dimming has little to no benefit in terms of decreased energy consumption, unlike dimming incandescent bulbs, which can cut their energy usage. But this isn’t an issue for most because LEDs consume such low amounts of electricity that for many fixtures there isn’t much room for meaningful decrease.